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When you bring your vehicle to All Better Auto Painting, you can rest assured that all paint jobs and repairs will be performed to standards that are hard to come by in production auto painting at the best price available and in the shortest time possible. Sure, any auto painting company can make these claims but at All Better Auto Painting they’re more than mere claims; they’re a commitment we’ve met consistently over the past 5 years and the reason our customers come to us again and again for all their auto paint and repair needs.  Come in and enjoy an honest, affordable Auto body shop. In Pima County nobody beats, All Better Auto Painting for price, speed or workmanship. Since 2003 we’ve been providing the most durable auto paint and auto body repair services as well as unsurpassed customer service to our neighbors in Pima County. We offer the latest in computerized color matching and durable products to keep your car or truck looking good and back on the road as soon as possible. Our highly trained technicians can replace your parts or parts that we order for you at discounted prices our company offers a "Lowest price gaurantee"  of at least 5% (excluding parts)                                                                                 For prompt, professional, ethical auto body painting and repairs, call All Better Auto Painting today at (520) 791-2800.   Or our south side location (27th st and 4th ave) 882-3900.  Please visit our old website while this one is under construction at for more information.

Two locations to serve you north side 791-2800 south side 882-3900                     We'll Paint your car as low as $149!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Questons most frequently asked but too often go unanswered


Q: I know nothing about paint, what should I buy??

A: The best way is always the expensive way but when cutting costs decide what is important to you. We offer acrylic and urethane paints, sealers that go under the paint, or a clear that goes in paint or on top of paint.


Q: My friend says he can do the dents cheaper should I just have you guys paint it?

A: Rarely does this situation work out. 1. The person working on the car lacks the knowledge or the equipment to achive the same results. 2. The person is not efficient enough to complete the job in a timely fashion causing them to put it off until they have enough time. 3.The person does not finish the job and it costs as much or more than the original quote.

Q.Am I in the right place??

A. This is the first question you should ask yourself. We are one of several different production shops in Tucson. There are three kinds of shops in the autobody field. They are Production, average ticket ranges between $300-$1500 for a complete paint, oem avge ticket between $1500-$5000 for a complete paint, and custom avge tickets range between$5000-$60,000. They all have very different levels of quality and durability. custom usually takes the car apart, wet sands and polishes everything and are geared toward show cars or very expensive cars that are not driven much. Oem is putting the car back to it's original condition like it was when it was purchased. Production is not polished or taken apart and will have defects. If you are in the right place can be answered by how far away from perfect you are willing to go for the price. The easiest way is to go to the  shop and look at cars that were painted. Some will have dents some will not depending on what the customer wanted. Look at the best part of the car and if you do ALL the repairs necessary your car could look like that.

Q:Will I save money if I do my own prep?

A: Only if you are an expert or have access to the steps and equipment needed to efficiently fix  paint problems. After purchasing the materials calculating power and time invested, the money saved if done properly, is between 5-15%. Hardly worth the mess. Not to mention customers own work voids a warranty.

Q: What drives up the cost?

A: Everything.   Size, color, condition,parts, stripes,etc.

Q: how can I get the price down?

A. There are many ways to get the cost down on a vehicle. Some include fixing less dents as this drives up the cost quickly,choosing a similar color rather than mixing an oem color, choosing aftermarket parts or used instead of oem.   Another thing some people like to do is buy parts a little at a time or get the dents fixed first and come back later to do the paint.

Q: How can I get the best bang for the buck?

 A: Depending on the type of car you have and specific conditions of your paint and duration You expect to keep the vehicle determines what should be purchased. These decisions need to be consulted with our autobody professionals because what is best for one vehicle can be a complete waste of money on another.  Examples 1.  door needs replacing.......We solicit wrecking yards for the best deal. We can get the part cheaper aftermarket but in the end costs more money. A door aftermarket does not come complete and often does not fit but the public is not aware that doors are well known not to fit right.  Different vendors carry different quality parts as well. The body shops have vendors that they deal with on a regular basis to get the best parts at the lowest prices. As an individual you will not get the same deal and generally will pay 35% more for the same thing. Even a wrecking yard part will be sold to an individual that will not be sold to a bodyshop because the yard knows the shop will not accept the part due to severe defects or incompatability. Many times the body shop will pass the savings they get on to the customer. It is well worth having the body shop get the parts because they are responsible for any mistake or loss. Very well worth the 10 or 15% markup as many times the shop will take losses on order or vendor mistakes.

2.don't spend more than 20% of the cars value as you will probably not recover your investment

3.Sometimes only one person wants the car painted and the other does not care,If cutting costs fix the side of the car that the person would use that originally wanted the car painted.

4.Sometimes parts are suprisingly cost efficient. get the Quote!!! It may be within a few dollars of repairing it. A new part will have less human error in it.



 See Vintage video commercials from when we first opened by clicking this link. (prices advertised are no longer valid)

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